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Tessuto Artistico Umbro Montefalco is a company that produces household linens since 1995’s making the difference with the elegance of its fabrics and the style and originality of its linen, which fulfill the’ inspiration of any consumer.

Fabric ….. fruit of weaving using the handloom’s art that still survives, since old times, in the master weavers tradition. And is still today that, in our Montefalco laboratory, tissue is produced and patiently enriched by expert hands, with ancient lace and embroidery to emphasise the preciousness of the fabrics.
It ‘s a reality that operates on a national basis, with a customer base that covers several businesses, both within the wholesalers, both in the large-scale distribution which has managed to acquire significant market share.
All “Tessuto Artistico Umbro Montefalco” products are guaranteed by quality mark visible on each tissue, sign of MADE IN ITALY.

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