The EASYSHOP project started from the long experience of FLTRADE management and assistance to the companies of the Made in Italy.

What it consists our project:

Our mission is to relate the small Italian producers, frequently artisanals, with the best partners in the world.

This takes place through an online platform where collections are shown to potential partners.

Here are 7 strengths of our system:

  1. Possibility to view the collections at any time with the most modern technologies on all devices
  2. Online support via instant chat without long waits
  3. A simple and intuitive system where to buy with confidence
  4. A staff at the disposal ready to solve any problem
  5. Product Warranty MADE IN ITALY certificated
  6. Ability to customize collections
  7. Consulting and unpaid search


Besides finding in this platform a number of advantages, you manage to solve those everyday problems of your import department:

  • Difficulties of communication with suppliers: very often there are still language and cultural difficulties to overcome in this work
  • Capture speed of information relating to the products to be purchased: it is often difficult to have custom pricing or to know the availability of an item
  • Follow all the checkout process.


If you find here some of the things that you need for your business or revise some of your problems, contact us and we will solve them for you. Click here

Our system is 100% guaranteed!