EasyShop – Watch our video and see how Jane works better

See how EasyShop solves all problems of Jane’s work.

We are really glad to show you our first video.

Jane is an import manager and every days works with many companies and have the same problems always:

  • Products: he needs to contact the foreing companies and check production and quality of the  ordered goods.
  • Transport: he needs to arrange the shipment of the goods bought around the world
  • Custom: he needs to prepare and check all documents to be sure to avoid problem with custom

She spends a lot of times that can use to make something else in her company.

Now with EasyShop, you can be sure that someone do everything for you.

All companies on EasyShop are constantly checked by our staff. All orders are followed starting from      the raw materials till the shipment. And after?

After we find the right transport solution for each company and we prepare all custom documents.

You don’t need to make nothing else.

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